Daily Roundup: 'Tangerine Dream' Takes 'High Times' Cannabis Cup 2010



1) The Drug Czar says one in three fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs but can't say they were under the influence. The Druz Czar's office makes a point to single out pot, even though the FDA approved of driving while high on THC. More news after the jump.

2) "If you're acting stupid because you're a stoner, you might just be playing to type. That is, it may be your expectations about marijuana's long-term cognitive effects — rather than any real effect of the drug itself — that is to blame, particularly if you're male, according to new research." Time reports.

3) Boston smokers aren't paying their pot tickets en masse.

4) Weed-themed fast food chain Cheba Hut is taunting the Humboldt trademark. [Redheaded Blackbelt]

5) Colorado nets $2.2 million in taxes from pot this year. By comparison, California nets around $100 million in sales taxes on medical pot.

6) The pharmacists of Iowa are down for the cheba, but legislators think they know better.

7) Pot high in the cannabinoid CBD protects against its users against memory loss. Scienceline reports on the CBD research boom.

8) California will ship more of its prisoners out of state to private jails, the Chron reports. An average of one person every eight days dies from California prison overcrowding. Researchers estimate thousands of pot dealers, growers and distributors are behind bars.

9) The 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam has concluded. The results:

Coffeeshop (Cannabis Cup):
Barney’s Coffeeshop — Tangerine Dream
Green House Unlimited — Super Lemon Haze
Green Place — L.A. Cheese

Nederhash Cup:
Barney’s Farm — Tangerine Nectar Iceolator
Green House United — Green House Ice
Grey Area — Grey Crystal

Import Hash Cup:
Barney’s Coffeeshop — Caramella Cream
Green House United — Rif Cream
Green Place — Twilza

Seed Company Sativas (Sativa Cup):
Amnesia Seeds — Acapulco Gold
DNA Genetics Amsterdam — Chocolope
HortiLab — Sour Power

Seed Company Indicas (Indica Cup):
Reserva Privada — Kosher Kush
T.H.Seeds — Cold Creek Kush
Karma Genetics — White OG

Seed Company Hash:
HortiLab — Starbud Meltz
Reserva Privada — Sour Diesel
DNA Genetics Amsterdam — Blackberry Kush

Glass Award:
Roor — Ghost
The Cali Connection — The Klingon
Dragon Bong & Earth Spirit — Dragon Bong

Expo Booth Award:
Barney’s Farm
Green House Seed Company
Attitude Seed Bank

Product Award:
Barney’s Farm — Barney’s Bud Scope
Greenhouse Seed Company — Strain Hunters India DVD
Vapir — NO2 Vaporizer