Daily Roundup: Steve Cooley Wants To Snuff Prop 19



California's absentee voters have begun sending in their ballots, but even if Prop 19 passes, Republican candidate for Attorney General Steve Cooley might try to stop it, the SacBee reports. "I really am strongly opposed to Proposition 19 for many reasons," Cooley said during a debate at UC Davis. "I would be inclined to advise that it is unconstitutional and pre-empted by federal law." A new poll released by Reuters shows Prop 19 down 43-53, but their sample was biased towards Republicans. IPSOS asked 223 Democrats and 223 Republicans how they would vote, but California's electorate skews sharp toward Democrats, according to voter data provided by the Secretary of State. Meanwhile, California Watch says the No on 19 campaign is scrambling to turn out the vote, after being outfunded 10:1 by the Yes side. More news after the jump.

2. Raids of pot clubs in Southern California hit 16 locations and resulted in 11 arrests, Pasadena News reports. "Officials seized 35 marijuana plants, valued at $70,000; 78 pounds of processed pot, valued at $234,000; seven gallons of concentrated cannabis oils, valued at $44,800; about 4,000 pre-packaged, marijuana-laced edible products; hydroponic growing equipment and chemicals; and about $20,000 in cash, according to the sheriff's statement."

3. Professional prohibitionist Paul Chabot, founder of the Coalition for a Drug Free California, is attacking medical cannabis in Palm Springs, after the city permitted three dispensaries and a fundraiser. The Desert Sun reports Chabot demanded the mayor of Palm Springs "disband the illegal pot shops in his city, speak out against drug use, and return all political donations and support from those who want to legalize drugs." Chabot added that the mayor "should start by apologizing for providing a permit for pot smokers to openly use drugs." California's Prop 215 and Assembly Bill 420 specifically outline citizens' right to form medical cannabis collectives and receive payment to recoup costs, but that hasn't stopped several Southern California cities from raiding dispensaries and arresting their owners.

4. As Oregon prepares to vote on medical cannabis dispensary Measure 74, an Oregon cop tells the Mail Tribune he doesn't care what voters think, he'll keep busting potheads. "As Charlton Heston once said, I won't let go of it 'from my cold dead hands,' " Medford Police Deputy Tim George said.