Daily Roundup: San Diego Cops Open Pot Club, Distribute Hash



1. Narcotics officers in San Diego opened up a pot club last week to gain information on local growers and patients, the San Diego Americans for Safe Access reports this morning. Police raided the Helping Hands Wellness Collective in Hillcrest, CA. Thursday, October 14th, donned staff uniforms, unlocked the doors and began serving customers. "According to Matt, one of the patients who visited the dispensary that day, detectives welcomed him to the collective, told him the facility was under ‘new management,’ checked him in, and even provided him with free concentrated cannabis (hash) as a gift before inquiring with the unsuspecting patient whether he cultivated his own medicine. As soon as Matt told them that he did, the detectives pulled out their badges, said they were DEA, and then proceeded to detain and interrogate him for almost two hours." The San Diego Narcotics Task Force officers ran the dispensary for four hours, reports state. The SDASA says law enforcement in San Diego is violating patient rights under Proposition 215 and AB 420 with ongoing dispensary raids and arrests. California's war on pot costs the state about $1 billion per year in law enforcement, court, and prison expenditures, the Cato Institute has found. More from the San Diego Citybeat and more news after the jump.

2. Just over the border in Tijuana, police interdict a record 115 tons of cannabis bound for America. After a decade or more of relatively peaceful collusion with drug smuggling enterprises, the Mexican government has declared war on traffickers, arresting mob bosses and leading to brutal gang clashes in the ensuing power vacuum.

3. On the East Coast, the New York Times looks into why Californians might ignore politicians and vote yes on 19. “Bring on the establishment,” said Chris Lehane, a senior consultant to the campaign pushing for passage of the initiative. “This campaign, and the energy driving it, is predicated on the common understanding that the establishment’s prohibition approach has been a complete and utter failure, as proven by the point that today it is easier for a kid to get access to pot than it is to buy a beer or a cigarette.”

4. Up in the Bay, Dr. Frank Lucido joins with hundreds of other physicians and explains why he's voting yes on Prop 19.

5. And traffic cops tell the Mercury News about their pet peeves. Note: stoned drivers do not make the list.

6. On the entertainment front, Lonely stoner (and liquid cocaine user, evidently) Kid Cudi sits down with High Times and talks 'process'.

7. Meanwhile, at the High Times Stony Awards, Myspace News reporter/comedian Ben Gleib apparently loses his cool after ingesting too much THC attempting to cover the event. "This is the Stony Awards, if you don't want me to be part of the scene have me cover the teetotaler's awards,” Gleib tells his producer. "Just stop eating things [backstage]. You're going to flip out," comedian Doug Benson warns. And flip out Gleib does.

8. And in case you missed the Stephen Colbert Prop 19 debate:

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