Daily Roundup: Reagan Would've Jailed You For That Super 'Bowl'


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1) Reagan was a false prophet of small government who championed profound invasions of privacy like urine testing, and helped lock up more prisoners than Russia could dream of, in case we forgot.

2) In modern times, some Republicans are still for personal liberty and small government, just not for other people; like Montana's Republicans, who'll try to repeal the state's voter-approved medical marijuana laws. More news after the jump.

3) Oakland City Attorney tells council to hire their own lawyer for pot issues amid an ongoing fight.

4) Roseanne Barr on weed: make it mandatory.

5) Jack Nicholson on weed: it's not a drug.

6) Abuse women, abuse dogs, just don’t abuse marijuana in the NFL, notes NORML.

7) And “Most Americans believe that the country’s forty-year “war on drugs” has failed. Yet, despite the costs and growing opposition to US anti-narcotics strategy across Latin America, the US debate on drug policy remains muted. According to Rethinking US Drug Policy, a report released in January by the Inter-American Dialogue, what is most needed now is a far-reaching debate on alternative approaches that could reduce the risks and damage from the trafficking and abuse of illegal drugs. The report proposes a series of US government initiatives to begin a thorough rethinking of US drug policy."

8) And, lastly, your blogger was profiled by The Creosote Journal. Thanks for reading. This job rules.

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