Daily Roundup: Prop 19 Losing in New Field Poll; Medical Cannabis Farmers' Market Saturday



Must reads: 1. Proponents of Prop 19 woke up today to smashed windows in their downtown Oakland campaign headquarters, the result of last night's Mehserle verdict-related vandalism, and a Chronicle story on a Field Poll showing the Tax and Regulate Cannabis Act losing 44 percent to 48 percent. Meanwhile in DC, three House Democrats tell HuffPost's Ryan Grim, author of This Is Your Country On Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America, that they'll be supporting the measure. "Reps. George Miller, Barbara Lee and Pete Stark — represent Bay Area districts and are the first federal legislators to publicly back Proposition 19. Another Democrat, Mike Honda, who represents Silicon Valley, which owes much to consciousness-expanding drugs, said he was leaning toward voting yes." More news after the jump.

2. "One patient in San Francisco is trying something new to connect patients directly to growers: a cannabis farmers' market. Angelic Cisneros is organizing the city's first medi-pot farmers' market to launch Saturday, July 10, at Jelly's," NBC Bay Area reports.

3. After announcing plans to put eleven large-scale growing permits before a town vote, the City of Berkeley has made a handy spreadsheet guide to medical marijuana ordinances in California cities.

4. Insiders report the City of Richmond has drafted a medical marijuana dispensary ordinance after suing several of its existing clubs.

5. Peter Hecht at the Sac Bee does a cool profile of a former skydiving lobbyist now lobbying for a neighborhood dispensary. "Back in his truly sky high days, Joel 'J.W.' Marsall jumped out of planes in bonding exercises with business executives. The West Coast lobbyist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce didn't know that his skydiving adventures — resulting in injury and chronic back pain from a less-than-perfect landing — would ultimately parachute him into another line of work. 'I bounced once,' he says."

6. A Hawaiian preacher whose church worships weed was arrested with thirteen others after a two-year DEA investigation alleged they grew and distributed their "sacrament", local islanders report.