Daily Roundup: Police Pro/Anti-Prop 19; Doonesbury on Oakland



1) California Police Chiefs Association president told Chronicle readers Prop 19 will lead to more drugged driving, stoned kids, decreased quality of life, and a litany of other problems. Other law enforcement officials says prohibition causes these problems not pot. 2) Meanwhile, the National Black Police Association endorses Prop 19, noting whites use more pot than blacks, while minorities suffer the brunt of prohibition. More headlines after the jump.

3) The official Prop 19 voter literature is out. Read the summary and arguments for and against.

4) Forbes finds that if Prop 19 passes, "the real money in legal marijuana may be less in the product as
in the means to produce and manage things — think picks and shovels in the gold rush, Cisco routers in the Internet or Halliburton in oil."

5) And, Doonesbury sends off its characters to Oakland to openly cultivate cannabis.