Daily Roundup: Paris Hilton Denied Japan Entry Over Dope Charges


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Japan declined to let Paris Hilton into the country, citing pending drug charges she faces in Las Vegas, where she was arrested in a car with cocaine and marijuana. "Hilton was to appear Wednesday at a news conference in Tokyo to promote her fashion and fragrance lines. She arrived Tuesday evening, but was stopped at the airport and spent the night at an airport hotel after being questioned by officials." That's hot. More news after the jump.

Prop 19 Roundup:
2. Diablo Magazine details the lifestyles of the East Bay middle-aged and toking in its October issue. "Jan and her husband raised two daughters who are now on their own, and since the nest has been empty, the couple have returned to smoking pot. 'It’s not like as soon as our kids left the house we said, ‘Great, they’re gone; let’s go score some weed,’ 'Jan says. 'It happened kind of naturally.'” Former soccer moms are a prime demographic for Prop 19's backers, who say boomers are the key undecided group.

3. The Oakland Tribune urges readers to vote yes on a local medical weed taxes across the East Bay. “We endorse all four measures. Though there are certainly a number of Californians who remain opposed to marijuana usage for any purposes, the fact is it is legal in our state to cultivate and sell marijuana for medicinal use. It only makes sense, therefore, for cities facing serious financial challenges to tax and regulate cannabis businesses as they do all other legitimate businesses." But the paper, owned by an out of state chain, is still against Prop 19, because they say 'that's a federal, not a state issue'. Talk about hazy logic.

4. And a ray of sunshine pierces the toxic smog of San Bernadino in the form of a column by John Weeks, outlining the absurdity of Prop 19 fearmongering. "I hear all the talk about how the availability of medical marijuana is driving an upsurge in drug use, and contributing to an epidemic of crime, and ruining American values, and pretty much wrecking the world in general. ... I say let's get these potheads under control, for starters, but let's not stop there. ... there are certain unsavory quarters, located in every city of our land, where you actually can buy guns. You heard me correctly. Guns.”

The last day to register to vote is October 18. Do it now.

5. A Texas politician taking money from the alcohol lobby has blamed the nation's increased use of cannabis on the Obama administration's policy toward states where medicinal use of the plant is legal. Now, the Huffington Post is calling U.S. representative Lamar Smith out for taking $20,000 from the beer and liquor lobby. The booze lobby is also funding anti-pot propaganda in California.

6. CBS's Harry Smith shows just how naive he can be on the subject of the Teamsters unionizing an Oakland medical cannabis business. "One wonders if the contract negotiations took place in a smoke-filled room. And if they did — Does any one remember?” Way to show your age, CBS.

7. Remember that family whose kid was terrorized and dog was shot over a bag of weed in Missouri? Yeah, they're suing. "The suit was filed by Columbia attorneys Milt Harper and Jeff Hilbrenner on behalf of Jonathan and Brittany Whitworth and her seven-year-old son. It alleges SWAT team members broke down the door, discharged weapons as they entered and again as they shot and killed one dog and wounded the other. It also alleges Jonathan Whitworth was kicked by an officer as he lay on the floor at gunpoint, and Brittany Whitworth and her child were held at gunpoint sitting on the floor in view of the child's dead dog." Jonathan plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of owning a pipe.

8. Meanwhile in Oakland, city councilmember Desley Brooks graduates from pot classes at UniCann which are held in the warehouse of iGrow, an embattled hydroponics company near Oakland airport. Brooks will soon vote to permit four large-scale cannabis farms in Oakland. iGrow's owner Dhar Mann — the son of a wealthy, connected East Bay family — intends to apply for one of those permits.


High Times Magazine announces 'The Marijuana Conference' for October 25 and 26 in New York.

And the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo panels have been announced. Highlights:

Saturday, September 25th:

11 a.m.: “Cannabis Media Buzz” Cannabis is one of the hottest media topics. Meet some of the industry insiders that are covering it. John Geluardi — author of “Cannabiz:the Explosive Rise of the Medical Marijuana Industry”, Angela Woodall — The Oakland Tribune, Kym Kemp — Humbolt Blogger, and David Downs — The East Bay Express

2 p.m.: “Medical Cannabis and Standardization” What’s the future for cannabis? Opponents say it’s out of control. Small growers are afraid of corporatization. Can we work together to make the best future for all? Addison DeMoura and David Lampach from Steep Hill Lab, Bret Bogue from Apothecary Genetics.

Sunday, September 26th:

1 p.m.: “Legal Panel” You have questions and we have answers. Don’t miss 45 minutes of the best free legal advise you can get. Bill Panzer, Matt Kumin, Joe Elford, and James Clark

3 p.m.: “Economics of Cannabi$” $5000 a lb? The average plant is 2 lbs? Chris Conrad, Dale Gieringer, Don Duncan, Valerie Corral from WAMM