Daily Roundup: Montel Williams popped for pipe; 'Cannabis Closet' gets a book



Here's your headlines: 1) Montel Williams popped for pipe, High Times blogs. 2) Clear out your text messages, cops can go through them, the court rules. And don't give any private health information to state authorities, it's only a matter of time before the DEA comes after it. More news after the jump.

3) The Marijuana Policy Project lists its top ten pot victories in 2010. Among them: New Jersey, Washington DC, and Arizona legalized medical marijuana. Prop 19 brought the NAACP and SEIU on board, the Veteran's Admininstration recognized medical cannabis, California's improved decriminalization law, and two court cases in California that protect dispensaries from persecution by cities.

4) San Jose Insider looks at how the new Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen might effect the ongoing raids in South Bay. “I think the voters of California would like people with legitimate medical problems that a doctor thinks can be alleviated with marijuana to have access to marijuana,” Rosen said in an interview Monday evening, hours after being sworn into office.

5) The DEA is using National Guard Blackhawk helicoptors to raid medical pot farmers in Michigan. (via MMJ News)

6) San Luis Obispo County raids target mobile dispensaries. Twelve arrested. "They raided my house with machine guns, helicopters — the whole thing. ... It was like they were raiding someone who committed murders.”

7) The state of Colorado wants to be able to watch all pot farms remotely, part of a trend in proposed Big Brother oversight unheard of in any other industry.

8) The Atlantic's Daily Dish started a meme with 'The Cannabis Closet' - a reader thread of closeted stoners outing themselves, now collected in a book. "The Daily Dish has moved things further by getting the good burghers of America to at least crack open the closet door and talk honestly about what we all know about marijuana — on their widely-read web site, and now in Cannabis Closet the book."

9) And celebrity grower Ed Rosenthal thanks the DEA for his #2 place in the leadership of anti-prohibitionists. "I couldn't have done it without them." In the July 2010 report, "Position on Marijuana," the DEA outlines its plans to keep persecuting patients in medical marijuana states, and says Rosenthal is harming America.