Daily Roundup: Medical MJ a New Weapon in Divorces; $20 Million Bust in Chicago; Quarter-Pound Joint Sighted in SF



This week, the AP details how medical cannabis can be used in messy divorces to gain full custody of the kids. Drinkers, however, remain good Americans. ... In other news, while Chicago bars may stay open to 4 a.m., tokers do not pass go, and go directly to jail. On Friday, Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart announced one of the biggest cannabis busts in the history of the department. Police seized 5,525 lbs. of marijuana with a street value of more than $20 million. More headlines and the quarter-pounder after the jump.

— The Chronicle's Kevin Fagan details the three approaches California cities are taking to pot clubs: the ostrich, the bulldog, and the regulators.

— Home invasion robbery of pot grow in Taraval area of San Francisco Monday night. Two 38-40-year-old white males stormed the victim’s residence and, at gun point, ordered the victim to give them money and marijuana. The suspects hit the victim on the back of his head with one of the guns and then tied him up. The suspects got $250 and an ounce.

Fog City Journal hits the woefully impacted Cannabis Cup over the weekend and comes away with this gem of a shot.

Yup, a quarter-pound joint. This ish is getting out of hand.
  • Fog City Journal
  • Yup, a quarter-pound joint. This ish is getting out of hand.

— Marijuana lollipops for sale on Lakers parade route yesterday, L.A. Times finds when it decides to leave the building. Go outside more often, guys.

Harvard professor opines in The National Review that Tea Partiers must support ending the Drug War, which is Big Government at its worst.