Daily Roundup: Kunis thinks Cyrus smoked weed; Dr. Oz says 'vaporize it'



Here's your headlines. 1) Mila Kunis thinks Miley Cyrus was smoking pot not salvia last week on TMZ. Cyrus gets an SNL parody. [via CelebStoner] 2) Dr. Oz comes down surprisingly light on dope. "Yes, marijuana’s got solid credentials for relieving some serious problems (cancer pain, nausea, anorexia and tough-to-ease nerve pain). But can a pot-infused lemon bar or a hand-rolled joint improve everything from high blood pressure to diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease? That is about as likely as Sarah Palin running as a Democrat." Oz fails to note pot doesn't cause cancer despite containing smoke. But does recommend vaporizing and edibles to avoid irritating the respiratory system. More headlines after the jump.

3) The state of New Mexico now has 25 licensed pot producers, and 3,000 patients (1,400 of which are licensed to grow their own), but the incoming governor Susana Martinez has said she'll seek to repeal medical marijuana law.

4) SFWeekly's the Snitch argues Arizona's medical pot program is more progressive than San Francisco because it provides workplace protections. But the Arizona Daily Star reports "Arizona's security requirements may require each dispensary to have cameras hooked up live to the Internet to allow state health officials, armed with a password, to see what is going on at any site at any time." Chris Roberts runs down exactly where you can smoke in SF.

5) Raids in San Bernadino County continue. But as one Riverside dispensary is ordered shut down, another owner celebrates a court victory today. The 4th District Court of Appeals stayed an order to shut down the Health and Wellness Center Collective in Riverside, CA. The collective is taking donations for its ongoing legal battle. Speaking of which: DrugSense, DPA, MAPS and DRCNet are soliciting tax-deductible end of year donations.

6) And about taxes: 'A tax credit for testing clean instead of a drug war?' A San Francisco econ professor makes some controversial policy recommendations in the Chronicle. “What if people who passed a free, random, non-mandatory drug test at a local clinic received a "clean card," yielding a tax credit of, say, $500. ... No clean card? No welfare check, no driver's license. Ouch.”

7) Speaking of war, minor pot misdemeanors fuel California's nation-high, 70 percent-plus recidivism rate, and cost taxpayers billions. A Sacramento appeals court helps to end that by OKing medical pot use by a probation-violator ordered not to use it. "In a 22-page ruling Friday, the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento said Vernon Emile Smith Jr., 23, of Sacramento, had a right to use the drug with a doctor's prescription under the Compassionate Use Act."

8) Meanwhile, one Canadian chronic Christian escapes jail for his beliefs, MAP reports, as Hawai'i News Daily wants you to remember and write pot's POWs this holiday season.

9) And San Diego's tough on pot District Attorney is up for a 'Whopper the Year' award from the Voice of San Diego. Dumanis vastly undercounted the number of hires her office made, (she said 0, the Voice found 79). Dumanis also said OxyContin was the county's deadliest drug. Actual winner: alcohol, with 197 deaths vs. OxyContin's 42.

10) And lastly, a sign of the times?