Daily Roundup: Indoor vs. Outdoor Fight Heating Up


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In an echo of alcohol prohibition's history — where progressives thought the government should force people into being better while conservatives didn't think that would work — conservative San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders came out in favor of ending pot prohibition in a jaw-dropping Sunday op-ed, while "progressives" at the Chronicle ed board urge voters to keep the nanny state status quo. More headlines after the jump.

The SacBee officially joins the San Francisco Chronicle in making the perfect the enemy of the good, urging its readers to vote no on Prop 19. Reason magazine has the roundup of the incongruous op-eds. Meanwhile, a special Sacramento Bee columnist says vote no on 19, because it will increase tourism to California. "Making matters worse, those priced out of the marijuana market by the going rate of $300 for an ounce of the most potent pot could see an 80 percent drop in that price if Proposition 19 passes, according to a study by the California-based Rand Corp." Sounds awful. [via Cannabis News]

Then, Phil Bronstein visits SPARC and says decriminalization is inevitable.

And The Nation says it favors Prop 19. “From decreasing marijuana prohibition-related violence on the Mexican border, to freeing up space in our prisons for actual criminals, to providing much-needed tax revenue for state coffers — there are myriad of reasons to support legalization.” [via Cannabis News]

Columnist Bob Barr wonders what the federal government, tasked with fighting wars, going to the moon and building interstate freeways, is doing telling people what they can put in their pipes. It's the "commerce" clause, stupid. "It is a power based not on any express or implied authority in the Constitution, but only tenuously on the power to tax and — you guessed it — to regulate interstate commerce. What is at stake here is not protecting an exclusive federal power against usurpation by a state. What is involved here is nothing loftier than preserving the raw power of Washington to enforce personal behavior norms by the citizens in California or any other state."

The last day to register to vote is October 18. The last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot is October 26.


WWE wrestler X-Pac arrested for possessing a joint at Newark airport. "Today, X-Pac tweeted: "WWE's policy on marijuana is a bad idea." [CelebStoner]

And as the outdoor marijuana growing season comes to a close, the 'indoor vs outdoor' debate heats up. Peter Hecht at the SacBee talks to WAMM creator Mike Corral, who "is dismissive of booming medical marijuana dispensaries hyping high-octane indoor weed. He blames their marketing of exotic indoor strains for promoting a stoner culture that undermines medical use and insults the purity of outdoor cultivation. 'The clubs have a marketing campaign: Outdoor (marijuana) is bad,' Corall said. 'But indoors is more costly, more labor intensive. And to me, there is 500 years of history of growing outdoors.'"

Announcement: Legalization Nation will speak at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo on Saturday September 25, at 11 a.m. at the Cow Palace in Daly City. We'll be on a panel entitled “Cannabis Media Buzz.” Topic: “Cannabis is one of the hottest media topics. Meet some of the industry insiders that are covering it.
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