Daily Roundup: Facebook Rejects Prop 19 Ad; Bears Patrol B.C. Pot Farm


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You know the Internet has gone a bit ballistic when Facebook rejects a Prop 19 ad featuring a cannabis leaf. Facebook says the leaf violates advertising policy. Hope they share that info with the half million enjoying the Facebook game 'Pot Farm'. More headlines after the jump.

Today, we feature the Stoners Against Legalization, the same day the SacBee writes "The Canna Care medical marijuana dispensary has a truck driving around Sacramento with a sign telling people to vote 'no' on the state ballot initiative that would legalize pot for recreational use." Dispensaries fret that Prop 19 might interfere with their business; critics say pot dispensaries don't want competition and taxes.

A new blog advocating outdoor growing is calling out indoor growers for energy waste. Grow It In the Sun also calls iGrow's weed trailer idea "insanity" and notes the relatively huge carbon footprint of indoor growers. Indoor or outdoor, y'all? [via Redheaded Blackbelt]

Don't grow medical cannabis around your children in Colorado, NORML finds. The state can take medical cannabis users' kids and charge parents with child endangerment for the presence of a federally controlled substance.

And don't feed the bears in British Columbia, where some pot farmers recruited some de facto guards from the ursine family by feeding them dog food. The ten bears apparently did not eat the 1,000 marijuana plants growing on the property. [thanks, Boing Boing]

Selling cannabis illegally? Brush up on your ebonics to outwit the authorities. The Department of Justice is hiring an "ebonics" expert for drug investigations, ostensibly because they cannot translate street slang. [Boing Boing]

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