Daily Roundup: Drug Warrior Cooley Helped By Big Tobacco, Pharma, Oil Money



1. The New York Times looks at Internet domain name camping by hopeful marijuana entrepreneurs, in the dead heat of Prop 19's final days. “Mr. Faler, a former police officer who once worked the narcotics beat, has registered more than 1,000 marijuana-related Internet domain names, including oddities like icecreammarijuana.com and marijuanapastry.com. ...
“The industry is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. A $13 million sale is pending for sex.com. In June, slots.com sold for $5.5 million and dating.com for $1.75 million. The New Jersey company that paid over $1 million for marijuana.com in 2004 says it has turned down five offers for more than $2 million for the domain in the last 12 months.” More news after the jump.

2. Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas D. Kristof joins the rising chorus of legalization voices in a NYT column. "First, it squanders billions of dollars that might be better used for education. California now spends more money on prisons than on higher education. It spends about $216,000 per year on each juvenile detainee, and just $8,000 on each child in the troubled Oakland public school system." Here's the EBX's own fresh op-ed.

3. Prop 19 is pretty much tied in another poll, this time by Survey USA. They say it's ''No' 46 'Yes' 44, but that is within the poll's margin of error. Live operators polled 594 likely voters, but the Yes on 19 campaign maintains a “Reverse Bradley Effect” is in play. People are disinclined to tell a random stranger — who has their personal information — that they approve of legalizing a Schedule 1 drug.

4. A vehicle collision in Santa Cruz is being turned into an anti-19 talking point, since the driver who drifted across the double-yellow line and killed a woman had a medical marijuana card. But, THC was approved for driving by the federal government under its FDA guidelines for prescription Marinol. Meanwhile, cell phone screens increase the likelihood of vehicular collision by 23 times, in one study. Texting while driving is up almost 50 percent in four years, and texters contributed to an estimated 5,870 distracted-driving deaths in 2008, the last reporting period. 'Thatz almst 2 9-11s each yr, dawg'.

5. Science News: Nature indirectly addresses the neuroscience of munchies by publishing new research on the endocannabinoid "anandamide." Yup, squirt extra anandamide on rat brains, and it makes food taste better, among a bunch of other things. Cannabis seemingly hit the evolutionary jackpot about 8,000 years ago in Central Asia when it developed to ability to produce THC, a near-perfect mimic of the key regulatory molecule in the human nervous system.

6. Announcement: Prop. 19 Forum hosted by the Global Ganja Report: "How will Proposition 19 affect California's medical cannabis laws? How will will it affect the future of cannabis consumers' place in society? Do you have unanswered questions about Prop. 19?" On Saturday Oct. 30, Global Ganja Report will host a forum on Proposition 19 in Oakland, featuring leading California cannabis crusader, author, and court-qualified expert witness Chris Conrad and his longtime activist wife Mikki Norris of the West Coast Leaf newspaper, who will respond to the arguments of "Stoners Against Legalization." Global Ganja Report editor Bill Weinberg will moderate. The event will take place at 1 p.m. at the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave., just north of Alcatraz.

7. And, oh yeah, California's likely new Attorney General Steve Cooley prefers caging potheads to tolerating them. So it's shocking the jailers love him, and he's funded by drug warriors, Big Pharma, Oil and Tobacco. Meet your new A.G., Cali.