Daily Roundup: Alameda's Bhang Wins 1st Place at the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Competition



1. And the winners of the fourth annual San Francisco Medical Cannabis Competition over the weekend are: 1st Place - Boss OG Kush - an indoor organic hybrid from Mendocino grower Boss. Edibles: 1st Place - Bhang Medical Cannabis Dark Chocolate Bar - from Alameda's Bhang of California Chocolate Company. Extracts: 1st Place - Frosty Hash Oil - a Sativa from San Francisco's The Green Cross Collective. Tied for 1st Place in Extracts: Blue Moon Rocks (a mix of Blue Dreams and Space Queen) from San Francisco's Vapor Room Cooperative. SF Weekly has a slideshow. So does SF Appeal. And Fog City Journal.

2. In a race closely watched by medical marijuana groups, candidate for California Attorney General Kamala Harris has a slight lead over Republican rival Steve Coooley, the Los Angeles Times reports. "The San Francisco Democrat now leads the L.A. County district attorney by 31,000 votes, with more than 550,000 ballots left to be counted. About 350,000 of those ballots are in counties Harris carried Nov. 2."

3. A new Time magazine cover story The United States of Amerijuana appears for free on Scribd.

4. The Los Angeles Times reports on 'The secret life of pot growers' through a woman from Humboldt County who writes anonymous, fictionalized blog accounts of skirting the law and, with luck, staying alive. "'Weathering the Storm' grew from the story of a friend who was killed by an abusive husband, she said. In real life, growers ran the husband out of the community. 'We couldn't go to the law,' she said, 'because both of them were in the business.' "

5. And The Bay Citizen looks at how Oakland became ground zero for marijuana legalization.