Daily Roundup (a day late): OAK Pot Farm Regs Move Forward; DiFi killing Prop 19 buzz


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Wednesday's must-reads: 1. The City of Oakland pot farm regulations inch forward after Public Safety Hearing, Tribune reports. ... 2. Prop 19 up 50 percent YES to 40 percent NO in latest Survey USA poll, after a recent Field Poll had it trailing by 4. The difference: Survey USA used automated calls. Pollsters suspect voters are lying to human callers. Meanwhile, Senator Dianne Feinstein joined the No on Prop 19 campaign this week, just as the loathed California Democratic party meets to discuss the Fall elections. Prop 19 advocates still want them on board.

3. An AOL opinion writer says pot was an exit drug from his actual drug addicition, backing up local research.

4. The New York Times tackles teens asking parents about their past drug usage and says 'be honest'.

5. LA producer Flying Lotus - a cannabis fan - has a new video.

6. And Currensy features celebstoner Devin the Dude on new track "Chilled Coughee" [via Fader]