'D' Is for Debt



The Cato Institute, a right-wing, nonprofit public policy research foundation based in Washington, DC, has issued its eighth biennial fiscal policy report card on 46 US governors. "Governors who have cut taxes and spending the most receive the highest grades," it states. "Those who have increased spending and taxes the most receive the lowest grades." Despite receiving an 'A' grade in the last study, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped to a 'D' this year for "being seduced by big-spending interests in Sacramento" and becoming a "borrow-and-spend version of the big-spending governor he unseated in 2003." Of the governors reviewed this year, only one received an 'A': Republican Matt Blunt of Missouri. In totally unrelated Blunt-based news, banal British crooner James Blunt will play Oakland's Paramount Theater twice next month.