CSU to Gouge Students, Again



The California State University system appears ready to raise student fees by 20 percent this fall to help make up a $584 million deficit, according to the Chron. The CSU Board of Trustees also is prepared to slash enrollment at the 10-campus system by 40,000 students over the next two years, impose employee furloughs, and eliminate classes. The news about CSU comes just as the UC Board of Regents voted to slash the UC system's budget by $813 million.

If approved, CSU undergrads would have to pay an additional $672 a year in fees, raising the yearly total to $4,827. The 20 percent fee hike would come on top of the 10 percent increase approved in May. In addition, CSU employees would be required to take two unpaid furlough days a month. And CSU Chancellor Charles Reed admitted that the cuts in enrollment would lead to layoffs.