Crazies Suggest Obama Campaign Funded with Laundered Drug Money



Never let it be said that stoners have a monopoly on conspiracy theories.

"A conference call organized to oppose marijuana legalization quickly went off the rails on Monday when the former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration refused to reject the suggestion that the Obama campaign is accepting contributions from drug dealers," Huffington Post's Matt Sledge reports.


"The call's organizers made clear that the goal was to pressure Attorney General Eric Holder to speak out against three state-level ballot measures that if passed, would legalize marijuana. But when a journalist from the Lyndon LaRouche-affiliated Executive Intelligence Review asked whether President Barack Obama had not spoken out against the ballot measures because of "reports" that "both his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns have been financed in part by laundered drug money," no one on the call spoke out against the suggestion.

Former DEA head Peter Bensinger, said "I can't speculate on the rationale" for the Obama Administration's silence.

"When pressed by The Huffington Post whether he would reject the insinuation, Bensinger said "I won't comment on it, and I don't have knowledge that that is the case."