County Sheriffs to Seize Too Short's Assets



What's more fun that reporting that the county has made hash legal? Reporting that the county's messin' with Too Short! Yes, the Oakland rapper hasn't even had his new recording studio open more than a few months before John Law comes a-knockin'. For the full story, let's go back to 1991, courtesy of the Oakland Tribune. Too Short's got his drink on, to the tune of a .18 blood alcohol level. So of course he decides to cruise around in his automobile for a while. And wouldn't you know it, the player hits a car and tries to flee the scene of the accident. While he's zooming down the road, another car is speeding in the opposite direction, drifts across the center line, and smashes right into Too Short's vehicle. Bang, the driver of the car's seriously injured, and the passenger's dead. The passenger's family sues Too Short, and he agrees to pay them $1 million to avoid a trial. But you just know Shorty the Pimp ain't gonna live up to his end of the deal! That's right, Too Short pays them about $282,000 and skips out on the rest. The family has been after him for more than ten years, chasing him to Atlanta and back. Now, in order to settle the account, sheriff's deputies plan to seize recording equipment in Too Short's new studio. A friend of Too Short's told the Trib that he may have moved the equipment to the headquarters of the Oakland nonprofit Youth Uprising, where he has worked as a youth mentor. Yes, you read that right. Shorty the Pimp is a youth mentor. Only in Oakland, kids.