County Probation Chief Placed On Leave


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The person in charge of keeping repeat offenders from returning to the county jail system is himself now in the hot seat. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors placed Chief Probation Officer David Muhammad on paid administrative leave at the conclusion of today’s special meeting.

The announcement, following a nearly hour-long closed session, is effective immediately, according to county counsel. No reason has been given for the move.

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Muhammad, 38, was hired in December 2010 with great fanfare among local community groups. Many lauded him for his support of more progressive solutions designed to help adults and juveniles in Alameda County lead more productive lives.

Muhammad’s personal history also resonated with the community. He grew up in Oakland and had been arrested on three occasions as a youth, although he was never charged. He parlayed that experience into becoming a well-known mentor to some of the city’s wayward youths.

His absence comes at a inopportune time for the county as its aims to make significant changes under Governor Jerry Brown’s realignment plan to handle a larger influx of inmates coming from the state to its already swelled county jail system.