County Guts Criminal Justice System


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The Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted to make deep cuts in the criminal justice system to help fix the county's $178 million budget deficit. According to the Trib, the supervisors went ahead with plans announced earlier this month to cut 14 prosecutors from the District Attorney's Office, 15 defense attorneys from the Public Defender's Office, 49 positions in the Probation Department, and 100 jobs in the county Sheriff's Office. The cuts will further burden the already overwhelmed county court system, and likely will have serious consequences for cities with crime problems, especially Oakland. But the supervisors left open the possibility of restoring some, if not all, of the jobs if the affected unions will take pay cuts. "If they want to stop layoffs, they have to give back," said Supervisor Nate Miley. Let's hope the unions make the right choice.