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Corrections for the Week of April 1, 2015

The address of Analog, California's remaining water supply, and the actors in Fantasy Home Sweepstakes: Malibu.


Our March 25 dining review, "Going Analog," listed the incorrect address and phone number for Analog. The correct address is 414 14th Street, Oakland. The correct phone number is 510-858-5964. Our March 18 Seven Days column, "A Drop in the Bucket," misstated the amount of water California has left overall, because of an error in a Los Angeles Times op-ed by NASA water scientist Jay Famiglietti. The Times corrected its op-ed to reflect the fact that Famiglietti stated that there is only about one year of water left in the state's reservoirs. And our March 25 Theater Review, "If These Walls Could Mime," incorrectly identified the actors in Fantasy Home Sweepstakes: Malibu who played the Beckett-esque characters. They were Michele Owen and Christina Shonkwiler. In addition, it was Sango Tajima who played the bumblebee/sweepstakes host.