Cops Nab Two East Bay Snipers



The California Highway Patrol has arrested two 21-year-olds for a series of shootings along Interstate 680 in Fremont, according to the Chron. The CHP says the young men, Shawn Philip Wagner of Mariposa and Rojelio Samuel Gomez of Fremont, shot at more than forty cars over the past year with a BB gun. The cops booked both men on 42 counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon and 43 counts of felony vandalism, along with one misdemeanor count of willfully discharging a BB gun in a grossly negligent manner. No one was injured in the shootings. Let's hope the CHP got this right. The last time the East Bay was terrorized by a sniper or snipers in 2004, the CHP arrested the wrong guy, and no charges were ever filed.