Cop Shoots East Oakland Man



An Oakland cop shot and killed a hatchet-wielding man inside an East Oakland liquor store over the weekend, according to the Trib. Police also said a video from an in-store security camera verified the cop's version of events. But police could not say definitively why the police officer, whose name they refused to release, chose not to subdue the man with her Taser. Family members of the slain man, Brownie Polk, said he lived in the neighborhood for thirty years, had a 16-year-old son, and was a handyman who often carried tools with him. A store clerk added that Polk used to hang out in the store all the time and was "no problem customer."

It's unclear who called police to the scene. It was the city's fourth officer-involved shooting of the year and second in the last few weeks. In July, cops shot a man who had wielded a gun but then dropped it before being killed. Police department brass held a press conference last month to boast about the drop in officer-involved shootings this year, but now the department appears to be back on normal pace for such incidents.