Concord Medical Pot Grower Promises Lawsuit Over Outdoor Growing Ban


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All across California, spring is bringing a bumper crop of bans and restrictions on outdoor medical pot cultivation. The latest: The City of Concord voted unanimously to ban all outdooor cultivation of medical marijuana last night, though affected growers promise to sue the East Bay suburb.

California NORML reports Concord received 14 police complaints about medical pot garden odors last year in the sunny town of 120,000 — so they banned the activity entirely at a City Council meeting last night.

Twelve citizens spoke up against the ban at the meeting including "three middle-aged women who are medical marijuana patients”. The outdoor pot garden ban mandates plants be grown indoors, at a cost of about $75 per month in electricity.

"Michael Gormley, a contractor and 30-year resident of Concord, said he built a structure to grow his medical marijuana after being robbed in 2008, a structure that will now be worthless." Another grower promised to sue.

Concord police said they will enforce the ban based on neighbor complaints. Civil, rather than criminal penalties will be issued to Concordians. (Under the Compassionate Use Act and the Medical Marijuana Program Act qualified patients have defenses against criminal prosecution for marijuana possession or cultivation.)