Competing Buds in Our Nation’s Capital


After a long battle, Washington, DC recently legalized cannabis, and now, this fall, DC residents will be celebrating by holding a bud competition at the annual state fair. The “best bud” competition will take its place among the traditional events, which include a knitting and crochet contest, the funniest looking vegetable contest, the pickled food contest and another new addition, the pet parade. 

“Now that it’s legal for residents of the district to grow their own plants, we wanted a way to highlight this new freedom, while also showing off the agricultural talents of the district’s people,” said Anna Tauzin, the fair’s outreach director. The annual state fair will held in September, and is organized by a resident-run nonprofit.

Green-thumbed bud competitors must submit one bud weighing between one and two grams in a small Mason jar. Judges will consider the single bud in four categories:

1. Beauty: Is the bud well manicured? Does it have sparkle (trichomes crystals)?
2. Odor: Does it have the pungent smell of spices or an earthy smell?
3. Touch: Is it sticky? Is the stem brittle or flexible?
4. Narrative: What conditions were the bud grown in, natural or artificial light? Grown in soil or hydroponically?

One category that won’t be considered is the bud’s potency. Fair organizers intend to closely follow DC’s law, which strictly forbids smoking cannabis in public spaces.