Comedy Pick of the Day: Girl Talk at The Punchline



In the intro to their inaugural Girl Talk showcase, which took place in March, hosts Emily Heller and Janine Brito had a perfectly reasonable explanation for why their lineup seemed so gender-normative. “The truth is we wanted male comics on the show,” Brito said. “We just couldn’t find any.” “Yea, and we looked everywhere,” Heller chimed in, with an air of mock indignation. Among the places they’d looked: A particularly famous lesbian club in the Mission. Take Back the Night. Various pilates classes. Forever 21. Good Vibes. Now that Girl Talk has reached its third installment, though, there’s no need to pretend at gender equality. Call it reverse-hegemony if you must, but Brito and Heller have managed to squeeze some terrific lineups from the theme. This one includes famed out-lesbian local, Marga Gomez, actress and writer Chris Burns, and Bay Area expat (to Los Angeles, at least) Emily Maya Mills. They’ll appear tonight at The Punchline (444 Battery St., San Francisco) , 8 p.m., $15, It's a hot ticket!