Coliseum Redevelopment Zone Looks Legit



The prognosis looks good for a nascent "Coliseum Redevelopment Zone" just past 70th Avenue in East Oakland. A new public library will open this weekend at 81st Avenue, just a couple blocks away from the Tassafaronga Village affordable housing complex with its 157 apartments and mini-townhouse units. Habitat for Humanity has 22 more townhouses in the works, according to Oakland Tribune columnist Tammerlin Drummond. That's not to mention the prospective aquatic sports center, which will open this spring in a venue that meets LEED green building performance standards, Drummond reports. Petfood Express will also jump on the redevelopment bandwagon, moving its headquarters and distribution center to the same neighborhood. Drummond argues that so-called "deep East Oakland" is on the brink of a magical transformation, and that all the revitalization efforts will help erase the stigma of homicides and prostitution. Indeed, if that sports center pans out, we might wind up with a completely different hood.