Coda to Close on January 1


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Just eighteen months after opening, San Francisco’s Coda will be closing on the first of the year, according to a press release that went out this afternoon. “After showcasing hundreds of bands, serving thousands of meals and mixing countless cocktails, Coda is sadly closing its doors on January 1st,” the release said.

When it opened last summer, the supper club — which featured live music six nights a week and until recently was the weekly home of the Jazz Mafia — was almost immediately heralded as a sign of an impending San Francisco jazz renaissance. But it appears that despite the club’s initial buzz and lineup of high-profile local musicians, the tough economic climate has gotten the best of Coda. “Despite our best efforts, the challenges of our economy proved too strong” the release said. “It breaks our hearts to close.”

In the release, owner Bruce Hanson promised that the Coda team will still be involved in the local music scene.

The club is currently not answering its phone.