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Coach Collins

Richmond High's Ken Carter was immortalized in a movie, but his replacement, Rob Collins, is back and the Oilers believe he's the real deal.



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He strolled around the gym leisurely in his red, white, and blue Oilers' pullover and camouflage cargo shorts, checking in with every kid along the way.

"You think we can beat Berkeley, coach?" asked guard Matt Conway.

"There's no reason why we can't beat everyone in the ACCAL if we keep doing our thing, man."

He provided encouragement, offered advice, and told a few jokes. A couple freshmen kids played one-on-one on a side hoop while a JV player sat in the bleachers with his nose buried in a textbook. Laughter permeated the gym. Collins shook his head: "Here we are: It's Friday night in Richmond and we're playing some basketball — staying alive!" Then he bobbed and sang: Staying alive, staying alive — ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive.

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