Closure of State Parks Delayed



We've all got a week or two to take a hike as the department of California State Parks deliberates on which state parks will close during the next year. In an effort to save $14.2 million, the state agreed to close about 100 out of 272 of California's state parks. But the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the park system is limping along in deciding which parks to close and when.

Keeping out squatters and protecting wanderers from dangerous areas may prove much harder than the legislators in the capitol thought. Some state parks are far too big to fence in, and park officials and supporters are tossing about the idea of forming civilian watch groups to take the place of rangers and report abnormal activity. The park system is counting public safety as a factor in deciding which parks to close, but ultimately the state parks that will remain open will be those that bring in the most money. The social beach goer should be 2001 California's top 9 most popular state parks were ocean beaches. The tenth was the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.