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Climate Change and Tibet Discussion at Rockridge Library


Thanks to a sizable, active Tibetan-American community, East Bay residents are more privy to the political and religious issues occurring in Tibet than most of the United States. But, even then, climate change impacting Tibet has flown under the radar. With more than 40,000 glaciers in the Tibetan plateau, Tibet has been called “the roof of the world,” and serves as the source of countless rivers and lakes throughout Asia. But the glaciers of Tibet have been declining in size. To generate public interest in the United States, first generation Tibetan-American Nâm Arya is bicycling across the country for a speaking tour. And, on March 4, she stops at Berkeley to chat at the Rockridge library branch. Arya will be hosting an hourlong conversation to discuss ways to bring environmental justice to Tibet, and other environmental issues such as displacement of Tibetan nomads, effect of dams along Tibetan rivers, and mining. She will also weave the issues of environmental justice in Tibet to ones that has occurred in the United States and other countries around the world.