Classiest Non-Alcoholic Wine Cooler

Vignette Wine Country Soda

If you love hosting Sunday brunch but hate the, shall we say, side effects of a mimosa, Vignette Country Wine Sodas are the ultimate solution. Made by a Berkeley-based company, the non-alcoholic wine coolers are cool and refreshing, sweetened only with California wine grapes, and come in flavors such as pinot noir, chardonnay, rosé, and California brut. The classy, twelve-ounce bottle is ideal for one, and a larger bottle is perfect for a dry — but no less sophisticated — gathering. The sparkling sodas can be purchased in stores all over the East Bay, including at Farmstead Cheeses & Wines in Alameda and Oakland, El Cerrito Natural Grocery, and The Pasta Shop at Market Hall, among many others. Although we can't call them wine without the alcohol, Vignette Country Wine Sodas are the next best thing to the real deal. If a wine bottle is the story, then a wine cooler is surely the vignette.

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