Chip Johnson Slaps Dellums Again



We're a little torn by Chip Johnson's column this morning. On the one hand, it's a by-the-numbers piece on how much Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums sucks. Here's the capsule version: Oakland has serious problems, but the mayor doesn't seem to care enough to do anything about it. Although Chip understands that his mom died, and that's a drag and all, no one knows when he'll come back from summer break. Meanwhile, we've got a $50 million budget deficit, restaurant invasion robberies, etc. It's the sort of column any curmudgeon worth his salt could do in his sleep. On the other hand, Ron Dellums ain't doing his damn job, and that point can't be stressed often enough. What's a columnist to do when the most important problems facing the city go unaddressed month after month? How do you keep whacking the same nerve and stay fresh? We feel the man's pain.