Chip Johnson: Oakland Should Sue the A's



San Francisco Chronicle columnist Chip Johnson said today that the City Of Oakland should sue the Oakland A's to keep the team's name and uniform colors in Oakland, now that the team has reiterated its intention to leave. Johnson wants the city to then award the A's name and uniform colors to a new baseball franchise or to another team that chooses to move to Oakland. Johnson noted that the City of Cleveland was able to keep the name and colors of the Cleveland Browns football team when the franchise moved to Baltimore and renamed itself, the Baltimore Ravens. A new football franchise then popped up in Cleveland and became the new Cleveland Browns.

Johnson noted how the A's history is tied to Oakland, but his plan has one major problem: What sports franchise owner would want to put his or her team in the out-of-date Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum? Getting a team to come here will require a major coliseum renovation or a new ballpark, and if we couldn't do it for the A's, then how could we pull it off for someone else?