Chip Johnson Goes on the Hunt Again



Lots of good stuff in Chip Johnson's column today about Oakland's impending financial crisis. The highlight: in order to resolve the city's $50 million deficit all city departments will have to cut costs by fifteen percent across the board. That's a lotta layoffs comin', and a lot of services Oakland won't see again in a long time. In addition, he pisses on city councilmembers for letting former city administrator boost their expense accounts to $750,000, and grumbles that Kitty Kelly Epstein, Ron Dellums' "senior education aide," earns $72,000 a year for doing next to nothing. (We'll back that right here and now, having never had much use for Epstein.) Finally, while complaining about the city's $1.2 million travel budget, Johnson slaps councilwoman Desley Brooks for billing the city $2,700 to attend a Congressional Black Caucus conference. Hey, isn't that the same Desley Brooks who just sued Johnson for libel and defamation of character? The man has no fear.