Chip Johnson Does the Right Thing



No, we don't mean giving Ron Dellums credit for admitting the Oakland Police Department has screwed up the Chauncey Bailey murder investigation; that's like throwing a party because a sixteen year old's finally learns how to tie his shoes. We mean crediting the Chauncey Bailey Project with breaking the story of just how thoroughly OPD Sergeant Derwin Longmire ignored evidence in the Bailey murder and interfered with other police investigations on behalf of the Yusuf Bey crime family. On Wednesday, the Chron was considerably snottier when reporting Dellums' admission, citing its own Bey family reporting, referring obliquely to "lingering questions" about the murder investigation, and only mentioning that the Chauncey Bailey Project had anything to do with the whole affair at the bottom of the story. Johnson gets it right: Dellums has called for outside agencies to take over precisely because the Project has exposed just how compromised the OPD's own investigation has become.