Chauncey Bailey Murder Detective Suspended


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Oakland Police Sergeant Derwin Longmire, the detective who screwed up the murder case of journalist Chauncey Bailey, has been suspended, according to the Chauncey Bailey Project, citing unnamed police sources. Longmire was transferred out of the homicide division last year after the Chron revealed his long friendship with Yusuf Bey IV, the likely mastermind of Bailey's killing, and the Chauncey Bailey Project uncovered evidence that Longmire had botched the murder case. A police informant also has reportedly told investigators that Bey IV bragged of providing Longmire with girls for sex.

Acting Police Chief Howard Jordan, who strongly defended Longmire last year, refused to comment to the project for today's story. But with Longmire now on suspension, it's clear that investigators found some evidence that would warrant him being punished. In other words, Jordan has some serious explaining to do about his statement last fall that Longmire had done nothing wrong.

The project also revealed yet another example of Mayor Ron Dellums being a blowhard. Last year, Dellums had said that he appointed former Alameda County Superior Court Judge Henry Ramsey to serve as a "special master" over the investigation. But Ramsey told the project that he only had one phone conversation with Dellums' staff and was never asked to do anything. Why aren't we surprised?