Changing of the Guard


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As you may have inferred when Luke Tsai introduced himself as the new Express food writer, I’m moving on. I’ve received a few emails in the past week, asking for salacious dirt on why I’m leaving so soon. Sorry gossip-hounds, I don’t have much to give.

Why am I leaving? Simply this: I live in San Francisco, and was offered a critic’s position at the San Francisco Examiner. As my friend Molly says, “A shorter commute is worth its lack of length in gold.”

But truthfully, I can’t imagine a better place than the Express to have cut my teeth as a critic. This paper has some of the sharpest minds in the Bay Area, and I was blessed to work with such an embarrassment of talent (however briefly).

As I’m sure this week’s review will show, you’re in good hands with Mr. Tsai. Make sure to read his stories each week; I know I will.

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