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Best Beer
Rudy's Can't Fail Ale
— Cinder

Best customizable pizza
BUILD Pizzeria
— David Shapiro

Best gluten-gree food
The Grease Box
— Kerri Lee Johnson

Best tea
Asha Tea House
— Larissa Hul

Best housemade sausages
Hog's Apothecary
— Shelby

best new pop-up
S+M vegan
— Chia Marie

Best happy hour that starts at an hour you can actually get to before you pick up your kids
— Katie Farrell Bair

Best To Go Restaurant
— Helen Meyer

Best Pedal Powered Dessert
Curbside Creamery
— James Pollard

Cleanest Restrooms in a bar
The Legionnaire
— Susan Deverauex

Best punk rock bar
Eli's Mile High Club (DUHHHHH!!!!)
Should also be counted as best dive bar with killer cajun food in the east bay — steve weeb

Only restaurant to nail Mexican AND Vietnamese food
Saigon Deli
— Tino S

Cutest Wait Staff
Pepples/Donut Farm
— David Kenneth McEvoy Spark s- Fünke

Best Jukebox
Heart and Dagger Saloon
— liquorneck

Best get it while you can
Easy Bay Pie CO
Easy Bay Pie Co makes delicious pot pies and fruit pies that you can only get your hands on once every couple months with pre order. They set up shop periodically inside Corner Market in north Oakland. — Hilary Decker

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