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Best German /European FoodSpiesekammer
— subgirl

Best late night eatsI know there are not many but Rudy's is great and serves till after midnight. — mhubacek

Best American Restaurant
Wood Tavern
— HoloholoGirl

Best Burrito
Gordo Taqueria
— lucksrosie

Best Overall Restaurant
This place is great, amazing, fantastic, and should be more widely known! — jaz

Best Beer Bar
Beer Revolution
There are a plethora of specialty beer "bars" in the East Bay nowadays, just to lump them in with "bars" is a mistake. — fm

Best Beer Garden
— JEDward

Best Day Drinking
LJ Quinns
— sarahfish

Best Bubble Tea
Green Bubble
— mm09

Best Place to Sit Outside and Study While Eating Toast and Drinking Tea
Julie's Coffee and Tea, Alameda
— hellion7

Best Place to Find Recent Transplants or Cal Grads
Bakesale Betty's
— the entity

Best Smoothie Shop
— natkinson206

Best Late Night Delivery
Nude Sushi

Best Place to Eat and Drink While Hearing Local Jazz Musicians
Cioccolata di Vino
— wenmax

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