Castlewood Could Owe $3.4 Million to Locked Out Workers



Last week we reported that the Castlewood Country Club lockout, long contested by representatives of the labor union UNITE HERE Local 2850, was deemed illegal by Judge Clifford Anderson of the National Labor Relations Board. On Friday, In These Times reporter Mike Elk added that the country club may be stuck with a $3.4 tab for two years of worker backpay. UNITE HERE spokesperson Sarah Norr came up with that figure by doubling the estimated $1.7 million in salary and benefits that Castlewood workers earned in 2009, the year before they came to blows with the club in a dispute over health care. Elk indicated that each of the club's co-owners would have to share a portion of the debt, which might inspire them to appeal the decision — Castlewood now has three weeks left to ask the National Labor Relations Board in Washington to review Anderson's decision. So far, the club hasn't indicated which course it will take.