Captured! By Robots Brings Theme-less Tour to Bottom of the Hill



One of Ear Bud's all-time favorite local bands, Captured! By Robots, will wrap up its 2010 theme-less tour on June 5 at Bottom of the Hill. The thirteen-year-old band — lone human JBOT and robots DRMBOT0110, GTRBOT666, AUTOMATOM, and the HEADLESS HORNSMEN, plus TAWHNN (The Ape Which Hath No Name) and SOTAWHNN (Son of the Ape Which Hath No Name) — usually create themes for their tours: there was the Teddy Bear Orchestra tour, the re-enactment of the Ten Commandments tour, the Dubya tour, the wedding tour, and last year's Motivational tour. But this year, JBOT, or more likely, the robots who dominate him, decided against a theme. Regardless, count on the band's usual entertaining black-metal-reggae-rock mix and plenty of verbal abuse by the 'bots.