Cannabis Companies Ramp Up Education Efforts


Cannabis patients and their allies are rapidly ascending the weed learning curve thanks to a flurry of independent education initiatives. Companies such as Meadow and Eaze are not only delivering cannabis to your door, they’re also now doing the fundamental work of educating consumers.

Notably, Meadow has launched a snazzy online education section complete with motion graphics on how the body uses cannabis.


Another medical marijuana delivery tech company, Eaze, has launched its own online education series, with articles on eating edibles, and getting your medical marijuana card.

Even in the cannabis-savvy Bay Area, plenty of new patients, including seniors, are just now beginning to try tinctures, topicals, and vape pens, and they want to know what THC is and why CBD is important.

Over on our podcast The Hash this week, we also dive deep into what exactly is it that makes marijuana work the way it does. Narrated by David Bienenstock, the author of The Official High Times Pot Smokers Handbook, listen on for this primer on the key compounds to keep in mind so you can seek out the herb that best suits your needs.