Can-Do Spirit Will Save America, Study Finds



Fretting over the stalling economy? Tearing your doilies into little strips as you stare at that monthly mortgage statement? Not to worry, says the East Bay Business Times. In a story headlined, "Entrepreneurial drive remains strong in country, even in poor economy," the Times assures its readers that "Americans' desire to start their own business remains strong." Their source? A poll commissioned by Yahoo Small Business, in which "nearly two-thirds of the adults surveyed have thought about owning their business in the past year." Owning our own business? Hey, that sounds okay to us. Maybe a nice little bar in Gloucester or something, get us a company account we could expense the martini lunches to.... Wait a minute: It's true! We do think about starting our own business at least once a year! God bless America! The Republic is saved!