Cal's Memorial Oak Grove Finally Wiped Out


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Well, that's it for the stand of 42 trees near Cal's Memorial Stadium. This weekend, UC Berkeley employees hacked down all but two of the trees, clearing away the debris and gathering around two redwoods, one of which is still occupied by the last four tree-sitters. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the university plans to begin starving out the tree-sitters, starting at nine this morning, when all food and water supplies will be cut off. That can't be a pleasant experience: sitting at the top of a lonesome redwood, staring at the scorched earth and remains of the trees you sacrificed so much of your life to save, slowly getting thirstier and dizzier, hoping the carabiner clips will hold when your grip fails, knowing that when you inevitably descend, the cops will haul off to a cell. How heartbreaking that must be.