California Budget Cuts Are Coming



State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, the state's leading Democrat, says the legislature is willing to go along with nearly all of the more than $20 billion in sweeping cuts proposed by the governor to solve California's budget crisis. But, according to the Chron, he said Democrats will not agree to Schwarzenegger's plan to eliminate health care to poor children, grants to college students, and programs that help single mothers find jobs. It's unclear, however, from the Chron story whether Dems will go along with the governor's proposal to close most of California's state parks or his plan to raid the coffers of city and county governments.

State Controller John Chiang had set today as the deadline for solving California's huge financial problem, saying that state government is going to run out of cash by the end of July if it fails to balance the budget. However, Steinberg said that they actually have until June 30 and said they can solve the problem by then. That's good to hear, but call us skeptical.