Cal Wants Judge to Greenlight Training Center Construction



Lawyers for the University of California at Berkeley asked a judge to let them start building the new Memorial Stadium sports training center next week, and requested that if the city and neighbors appeal the ruling, they be required to post a $1.5 million bond. According to the Chron, delays in construction and guarding the tree-sitters is costing the university $47,000 a day. But UC officials are also clearly alarmed at the prospect of tens of thousands of football fans swarming around the tree-sitters as they head off to the game. To which we say, why not turn this into an opportunity, Cal bigwigs? We can't be the only people who'd pay to watch hippies and drunken football fans throw shit at each other after the game. Set up some bleachers, charge a few bucks a pop, and watch the cash roll in!