Cal Spends Millions to Find Budget Savings



UC Berkeley has decided to pay a high-priced consultant $3 million to help the campus find ways to cut millions of dollars from its budget. But the hiring of Bain and Company has already sparked outrage among some state politicians and faculty. State Senator Gloria Romero, chair of the Senate education panel, told the Contra Costa Times that the campus has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on administrators who should be able to do the same work. And some faculty members have suggested that the campus turn to experts at its own Haas School of Business for help, according to the Chron.

But in a message to faculty, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau scoffed at those ideas. Not only do campus employees have no time for such an endeavor, "we recognize that 'self-diagnosis' is not always impartial (and) that fresh ideas from outside our campus may have a role in helping us improve," he said. In addition, Boalt law professor Chris Kutz, who chairs the faculty senate, told the Chron that he views the spending of $3 million on a consultant as a good investment.