Cal Looks to Out-of-State Students for Cash


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In order to raise much-needed cash, UC Berkeley plans to accept hundreds of additional out-of-state students next fall, while slashing the number of California residents it enrolls. According to the Chron, Cal is making the move because of massive state budget cuts. But critics contend that UC Berkeley should stop blaming the state government for its problems and should quit handing out so many large salaries and over-the-top bonuses to administrators. In addition, the UC system is planning a huge — 32 percent -- increase in fees for California students over the next ten months.

Under the state's higher education system, California students pay much less tuition at UC schools because state taxpayers heavily subsidize their education. By contrast, out-of-state students pay the full costs. So with less money coming in from the state, UC officials say they can't afford to accept as many California residents. But they need out-of-state students who will pay their own way in order to fill classrooms. However, the move, coupled with the huge student fee increases, means that the University of California will no longer be in financial reach for an increasing number of state residents.